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Innovation Management Training

Design thinking combined with technical craft


Innovation Management Platform


Thoughts is a comprehensive digital innovation management platform designed to change the way organizations share, validate and implement innovative ideas. The platform reflects the innovation value chain, guiding users through the whole process from issuing challenges to putting ideas into action
Interactive Collaboration

Continuously improve innovation initiatives by allowing users to share ideas and interact remotely

Innovation Workflow

Increase innovation performance by streamlining the innovation process

Innovation Toolkit

Generate and develop ideas with more than 30 innovation management tools


Ensure value creation by selecting only the best ideas which meet your criteria


Bring ideas to life by developing an innovation project portfolio

Dashboard & Reports

Track innovation management performance and make data driven decisions

Consulting Services

Bnsights Innovation Maturity Model

To build an innovation roadmap, you must know where you want to go and where you’re starting from. Bnsights helps organizations assess their current innovation maturity level with our 3S model. The 3S model assesses organizations on three main pillars: strategy, skills and systems. The results of the assessment highlight the capabilities that need to be developed to put the organization on an accelerated path towards innovation
Digital Survey

Employees across the whole organization participate in a digital survey which outputs a score for each of the criteria analyzed in the 3s model. The results highlight innovation management strengths and improvements areas within the organization

Interviews & Focus Groups

Bnsights consultants conduct interviews and focus groups with relevant stakeholders within the organization to review and validate the data collected through the digital survey that require further clarification and analysis


Innovation Management Training

In any organization, the people inside are the most essential element to innovation. By equipping individuals with the skills and tools they need to do their jobs, organizations will see an overall increase in happiness and enthusiasm, as well as an increase in innovative solutions. Our training courses and certificates support individuals and organizations to develop and execute innovation management strategies and create a supporting innovation ecosystem. We offer a number of trainings in innovation management and future foresight, and can customize them with relevant case studies and examples that resonate with your organization

Training Courses
Innovation Labs


Innovation Labs

Bring creativity to light

Innovation labs are one-day workshops centered around an identified goal or challenge that an organization wants to find viable solutions for. An innovation lab provides you with a unique opportunity to have a multidisciplinary dialogue between diverse groups and come up with out-of-the-box ideas.

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