The 4th Generation Assessment Platfrom

Government Excellence Model

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Awards Management System


Awards is an end-to-end solution designed to give you control over the excellence awards cycle, starting from the cycle planning stage, until the final winners announcement. It’s designed to be simple yet powerful, and easily adoptable. Awards provides extensive tools and features to deliver flexibility and agility
Award Cycle Planning

Plan for the award cycle efficiently with a full set of tools that enable you to invite participants, and set schedules

Flexible Scoring Calculations

Score your organization with a flexible calculation engine that does automatic scoring based on 4G standard scoring

Award Evaluation Models

Dynamic award evaluation models help you prepare submissions for leading entity and organizational awards and medals

Assessment Planning

Prepare for the 4G assessment by grouping teams and assigning roles and responsibilities for the planning cycle

Email & SMS Notifications

Stay updated on tasks and milestones within the system via automatic notifications for both email SMS

Dashboards & Reports

Dashboards and reports let you track your progress in preparing for the government excellence awards cycle

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