Leading Innovation

Max 20 Participants I 3 Days I Arabic & English

This training aims to provide insights for public sector organizations on potential performance improvements that can be found through innovation management. It helps build understanding around the importance of innovation to business strategy and how to manage innovation effectively. The training covers how to identify and differentiate among various types of innovation, and describes the adoption life cycle and adopter groups. At the end, participants should understand how to identify challenges and develop and execute an innovation strategy.

Design Thinking

Max 15 Participants I 3 Days I Arabic & English

Design thinking demystifies the innovation process and can be used as a tool to create products and services, or to solve business and social issues. This training pushes the boundaries of the design field further than its traditional domain of application by applying design concepts like empathy or prototyping in the business environment, all with an innovation management perspective

Future Foresight

Max 20 Participants I 3 Days I Arabic & English

The world is becoming increasingly more complex and with the accelerated pace of technological development it will only continue to increase in complexity. Organizations can no longer plan for the future in a linear manner using simple forecasting. They must build hyper-awareness around trends that could impact the world in which they will operate tomorrow. This training introduces organizations to a variety of tools that can be used for future strategy and preparedness by designing and evaluating scenarios around a specific question about the future. It ultimately stimulates future forward thinking and leads to in depth analysis between cross functional groups.

Creative Problem Solving - Gamification

Max 20 Participants I 4 Days I Arabic & English

Gamification can unleash creativity and reveal new ways of doing things, leading to better outputs. This training offers the opportunity to discover the new edge of problem solving methodologies in a creative, efficient and fun way. Gamified methods support employees to be more innovative by offering a systematic way to approach professional challenge, increasing teamwork, and contributing to a pleasant and dynamic work environment. This training aims to fulfill three main objectives: develop creative potential, drive disruptive ideation, and develop ideas for further implementation.