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Shape Your Future Strategy

Through our future foresight framework, we guide organizations to develop strategic and actionable initiatives that will help them shape their future. We integrate our future foresight framework with our innovation framework, so that strategic initiatives flow seamlessly into innovation projects.


Circles is a future foresight digital platform intended to guide organizations through future shaping strategy development. Circles helps you to connect the dots between your organization’s current strategy, strategic drivers and global trends, allowing you to build a roadmap and develop the competencies needed to respond to future demands.
Organization Strategy

Define the strategic objectives of the organization and the actions needed to achieve them


Identify the capabilities needed to effectively and efficiently achieve organizational strategic objectives

Future Trends

Spot and analyze underlying patterns of change that might have significant impact on the organization


Develop descriptive narratives of the future to identify possible challenges and opportunities


Build, develop and sustain a future oriented and business driven innovation management ecosystem


Convert innovative ideas into actionable projects able to deliver value for the organization both in the short and in the long term

Products & Services

Prototype and test your products and services to validate market acceptance and customer experience


Plan in advance the skills needed to become a world class organization and shape the future of your industry by acquiring futuristic competencies


Trend Mapping Workshop

Trend mapping workshops introduce your organization to new tools for exploring its future, encourages strategic discussion about possible futures among diverse groups, and inspires ideas for how your organization can pursue future forward innovation initiatives. During the workshop participants explore trends in your organization’s sector, and through a series of facilitated exercises, analyze the trends to identify the most impactful trends for the organization. The outcome of the workshop is a trend radar that showcases the selected trends of the workshop across several dimensions, including the time frame in which the trends will likely come to realization

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