Business Solutions Framework

Business Solutions Framework is an enterprise ready platform provides business applications with a set of services to deliver rich business solutions. The framework will accelerate solution development by providing a readymade components for both developers and business users.

Business Rules Engine

Business Rules Engine is a high performance lightweight business rules manager that addresses the requirements for agility, business control, and transparency. A business rules engine works by separating execution code for business rules from the rest of the business process. This allows the end user to change business rules without having to ask a programmer for help. When a change is made, the engine will evaluate the change's effect on other rules in the system and flag the user if there is a conflict. It is part of the core platform. BRE integrates seamlessly with platform components and provides rules management as a services to external applications

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Workflows/Process Automation Engine

Powerful, light-weight, and easily configurable workflow engine. Its power is that it uses a simple data model as a description for workflows. Fully integrated into business solutions with built-in reports to report process performance. Automate processes ranging from the simple to those requiring complex logic, Workflows can be used in multiple applications

Organization Management

The Organization Manager designed with a support for multiple organization charts, this provides a complete flexible way to group organization units into multiple structures, for instance the default organization chart will map hierarchal organization chart, the other will map to projects groups, another one will map to virtual teams.

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Notification Services

Notifications is a core feature in todays’ business solutions, With notifications users can easily track the progress, pay attention to something new or even a reminder for pending tasks. Notifications Services provides a complete set of features to manage and to use notifications in business solutions. With a complete support for both Email and SMS. As well as Notifications Services is language-aware, so all notifications are sent in the same language saved in each user profile.

Central Users Management

One-stop-shop user management to manage and maintain organization users accounts, with a complete support for Active Directory integration

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