Why Information Architecture is Important

  • 24 April 2015

Information architecture has always been important. Whenever we create groups and describe things other people need to use, the information architecture (how things are grouped and labelled) directly affects how easy things are to use. As the amount of information available to us keeps growing, information architecture becomes even more important.

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Service Design Thinking

  • 19 April 2015

Service design thinking as an interdisciplinary approach includes and connects various fields of activity. While Service design is an interdisciplinary approach that combines different methods and tools from various disciplines. It is a new way of thinking as opposed to a new stand-alone academic discipline. An evolving approach, this is particularly apparent in the fact that, as yet, there is no common definition or clearly articulated language of service design.

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Big Data

  • 13 April 2015

In a dynamic, global economy, organizations have begun to more heavily rely on insights from their customers, internal processes and business operations in order to uncover new opportunities for growth. In the process of discovering and determining these insights, large complex sets of data are generated that then must be managed, analyzed and manipulated by skilled professionals.

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Internet of Things

  • 1 April 2015

Smart locks, smart thermostats, smart cars — you’ve probably heard some of these terms lately, and you’re going to hear them even more as the year goes on. But what are these things exactly — and what makes them so smart? These devices are all part of an emerging category called the Internet of Things, or IoT for short.

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